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Chocolate Greetings (The Chocolate Printing Company) is a brand new, unique method that allows you to print your full colour images directly on Chocolate.


They say a picture tells a thousand words!


We have a wide range of Greetings Cards made entirely of Chocolate!!! Cards for all occasions and in different sizes, so if you are buying a Birthday card for a friend why don’t you buy one made of Chocolate? If you want to send a message to the one you love-do it in Chocolate!


Almost anything can be printed directly onto the chocolate so you can have unique Wedding Invitations and Favors, Baby Shower Favors, Graduation Favors, Birthday Party Favors. Company logos and any kind of promotional gifts can be made including photographs for any event you can dream of…in quality edible full colour inks. 


To personalize any product, email us your image or message in as high resolution as possible and we will do the rest!



What better way to get your message across than to say it printed directly onto Chocolate!

The ideas are limited only by your imagination!

About Us

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