ICB Scioglichoc Chocolate Melter Tempering Machine 13.7L.

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Melter  Specifications

  • Voltage: 110/240 V
  • Temperature: Adjustable up to 50°C
  • Scioglichoc 13.7 L: 265 W - 38x62x13.5 cm

ANALOGUE SCIOGLICHOC are chocolate melting machinesconceived and designed to dissolve, melt and maintain the temperature of the chocolate. 

Scioglichoc are composed of a durable plastic structure, removable containers and lids made of stainless steel, so as to ensure quick and effective cleaning.
Each chocolate melter uses a dry system to heat the containers on the bottom and sides, in order to obtain a uniform temperature of the chocolate.
The Scioglichoc analogue chocolate warming machines control the temperature of the chocolate with an analogue thermostat.

Made in Italy 
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